Get back up every day!

by Santiago Meza
I am a father of two beautiful amazing kids and am married to my beautiful wife for 21 years and counting with a more than a full-time job. I grew up playing sports. Football was and is my passion. I played until my freshman year of high school and was injured in 1992, never to return to play.

I was born with a medical condition known as Arnold Chiari Malformation (ACM). My ACM was not triggered until I got injured my freshman year of football. I spent 15 years with extreme headaches, loss of body mass, gate issues and many other physical issues that would lead you to believe there is no recovering from this.

My high school years and well into my late 20's my weight exceeded 215 lbs. I could not workout as it would hurt my head, neck, and my body to do so. I finally was able to have brain surgery in 2005 for my ACM. Not having that surgery would have led to paralysis or even death. My surgery included a brain decompression and base skull titanium rod fusion. This limited my mobility. I tried exercising off and on for many years on my own but never with any real success. After my surgery in 2005, I spent the next 3-4 months learning how to function and manage everyday life.

I got into a fitness routine and lost 15 lbs. I did that for some time but then injured my knee abs had to have surgery for a torn MCL. I then was not working out or exercising again. I spent a year recuperating and rehabilitating my knee. I finally was well enough to exercise.

Through my fitness journey I found myself hooking up with Dr. Ryan Jackson, leader and Captain of the Fit leaders family. He brought me along side him and others for support and encouragement and I have never looked back since and along the way have #boycottaverage everyday. The Fitleaders encourage one another daily. Support each other daily. Help each other daily. Serve each other daily. Not just through fitness but through life as well. Everyday we rise together with an Iron Sharpens Iron mentality.

Everyday I'm not sure if I can workout because of my bodies disability, but I try to. Life is not about the end result but the journey to discover oneself. If you think you can't, think again. Anything is possible. Everyday you are going to have to fight battles. These battles will be both internal and external and will test you. Be strong in these battles you face as they are only temporary. #Fitleaders #StrengthInNumbers


  • You have great tenacity and endurance! Way to go!

  • What a courageous story! Thank you for sharing and wishing you the best in your journey! #FitLeaders #Boycottaverage


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