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My name is Javier Perez and this is my fitness journey.

Fitness was woven into the very fabric of my soul at such a young age. My parents would never let us just stay inside the house. We had to go outside and do something physical.

My fitness has always consisted of being in a weight room. Lifting weights and running. The smell of the weight room and hearing the weights click and clack with each other is a feeling that I love. It’s my high and safe haven. I have also competed in two half marathons and was training for a full marathon before I had my first set back. I was five weeks out of my race before I developed plantar fasciitis. I had never experienced any type of setback until this. I wasn’t able to run my marathon because of it. 

In the Fall of 2014, I began my career as an administrator for the same high school that I graduated from. I was the assistant principal and taking online classes for my masters. The principal at the time quit after the first six weeks. So there I was fresh into administration, taking online classes, and trying to run a campus the best way I knew how. I put my fitness on the back burner because I was just trying to stay a float. By the end of the school year, I realized that I had to get back into fitness so that I could be at my best. Fitness is not only my safe haven but I use it as a time to reflect and get all my aggression and frustration out. As I've gotten older my fitness goals have changed. I still lift weights but don’t go as hard or heavy, I no longer run but walk and have also put a focus on my mental health. 

I joined the #fitleaders movement in 2021 and have met so many people through it. I love how we encourage each other no matter what your fitness level is. 

I highly encourage every educator to find their safe haven. It’s very important to take care of ourselves mentally and physically.

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  • I love this message and what it means to have a space and time that is your own! #keeponkeepingon

    Autumn McBride

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