Self-Love: My fitness journey

by Rosalba Rodriguez

I fell into trends, diets, and fads because I wanted a simple and easy way to get the “perfect body.” It wasn’t until three years ago when my second daughter was born that I realized how much my mindset needed to be in a positive state in order to reach any of my goals. 

I had high expectations and I was tough on myself. For some reason, many of us women tend to pressure ourselves to get back into that pre-pregnancy body and clothes. I was not giving myself grace after delivering a tiny human. Things began to change when I was kinder to myself and I committed to writing down my goals, prepping my meals and planning my workouts. I worried less about counting every macronutrient and chose to make memories over a strict regimen that only pushed me to binge or feel guilty later. I listened to my body and researched exercises that I enjoyed and didn’t enjoy so much. Discipline and dedication took precedence over my motivation. I set my alarm daily at 3:45 AM and I didn’t think twice about going back to bed. I still give myself grace but I also hold myself accountable for staying the course. Out of love for myself, I commit daily to being disciplined and placing myself as a priority. 

When COVID hit I had to find equipment and new routines because my equipment was limited inside my garage. I didn’t give up! Although it would have been easier to stop and blame the pandemic we were living in, I knew exercise would only make my body stronger if I did get exposed to COVID. It’s always easier to make excuses. It’s always easier to put blame on anyone and anything because it makes us feel less guilty if we do give up. 

That resilience I’ve built and the growth in the process is something that I am so very proud of; Grit! I joined Fit Leaders challenges January 2021 and I was so excited to have the accountability from other leaders. I have built so many genuine friendships with other leaders who lead healthy lifestyles and demonstrate passion, kindness and positive energy. As each day goes by, I get encouraged by the content of so many! I’m also cheered on and celebrated when I share professional goals or daily Fit Leaders challenges. I love cheering on other  Fit Leaders and being part of such an amazing community! Joining  has empowered me to share and connect with others on Twitter. I have met amazing people and we have become so tight because of the connections we have made through the Fit Leaders family. Some of us have recently been promoted to new positions and some of us are getting ready to apply for the next level position. The excitement and genuine happiness for others has become contagious. It has been so important to rely on like-minded leaders. Join our Fit Leaders challenges anytime of the month! Connect with a tribe that will celebrate you! Stay determined, get up daily and give it your all in all you do. I was able to reach so many goals because I stayed determined and focused. I am happy to say that I am delighted with my muscle growth and the strength I have built since committing to myself. I have been promoted to principal and that also brings me so much joy because it has been a dream of mine. My daughters watch me closely and because of that I model dedication, determination, and strength daily. 

My advice to you… write down your goals; stick to them and take small actions to meet them daily! Live better. Lead better.

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