The Commissioner

by Kim Dinga

The Commissioner by Kim Dinga

I worked as a graduate assistant for an outstanding research professor at Binghamton University, and he advised me that I was not required to have a doctorate in order to publish. I never imagined I'd be writing for Fitleaders Magazine. This month, I'm overjoyed to be able to contribute.

Over the holidays in December 2017, I joined the Fitleaders tribe and have been engrossed in it ever since. On Twitter, a social studies teacher at my school was using Fitleaders hashtags, and I overheard him discussing Fitleader t-shirts one day. I have a lot of t-shirts, and I thought it would be fun to have one specifically for working out with educators. This community has since helped me grow my social media account by connecting me with a lot of positive people who cared about self-care and were in stages of life where they wanted to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

After corresponding with several Fitleaders for a few years, I recently began playing online league games with Fantasy Yahoo! Sports. Every Fitleader who has come on board has been a joy to play with. While we continue to encourage one another to exercise, our fantasy team members are pushed to become better team players, make sound decisions, and explore new possibilities. I enjoy getting to know these outstanding leaders in this professional and competitive environment. Working with them has improved my ability to process information, which has helped me deal with difficult situations in real life.

Leading and living a better life does not always require walking in a straight line and doing things the same way everyone else does; in the past, I've discovered that taking risks and doing things differently has benefited me. Being a Yahoo Fantasy Sports commissioner for educators across the country was a risky move that could have had an adverse influence on both my personal and professional lives. In retrospect, it was a worthwhile investment because it enabled me to maintain a comfortable standard of living while also progressing in my personal development. I am the commissioner of the Fitleaders fantasy hockey, baseball, football, and basketball leagues at the moment. We have not yet competed in leagues for money, but this could be a very lucrative opportunity for us.

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