Trust the process

by Jeff Milner

Growing up in a rural industrial and farming community, being active while playing sports was an integral part of my life. My passion for baseball took me to Saint Paul’s College, where the expectation was to stay in shape.  While playing baseball in college, my love for fitness and being competitive became a way of life. Following the #Fitleaders Tribe on Twitter has assisted me to stay focused on my self-care goals. The fitness journey has changed throughout the years, but still the focus is to maintain daily healthy habits. 

Saint Paul’s College is when my health journey started to become a way of life. In addition to learning more about the sport, I learned how to incorporate nutrition into my daily diet. After the fall season had concluded, our coach generated an off season weightlifting regimen that assisted with preparing for the spring season. I continued to lift weights four days a week along with running hills while playing basketball once a week for more cardio. This is when I learned how to stay on a schedule without the guidance of others to reach my health goals. 

After graduating from college, I continued to work out on a regular basis. I had always wanted to run in the UKrop’s Monument Avenue 10k, but never could get the intestinal fortitude to sign up. My college roommate/teammate nudged me one day to make that goal come to fruition. We trained for our first 10K together for over six weeks. Completing my first 10k was like winning a baseball game in the last inning. I have run multiple 10K/5ks since that day. Running allows me an opportunity to be outside along with enjoying nature. 

At the beginning of COVID, gyms were closing and I had to lean on my FitLeaders Tribe for motivation as well as alternative activities. Someone from the FitLeaders Tribe tweeted about participating in a virtual boot camp on Instagram with Effect Fitness from Southeast Atlanta, Georgia. Effect Fitness is a high intensity workout with Hip Hop and R&B tunes. I started to follow Effect Fitness via IG and Facebook, while working out virtually at least two/three times a day. I started with using canned foods to simulate weights along with a cinder block until being able to purchase dumbbells, leg and arm bands. The creation of their app has allowed me an opportunity to continue working out daily with them since I started in 2020. This past July, I was able to work out in person with them at the Watergate in Washington, DC. Their boot camp pushes me each day with cardio and weights, which is the best of both worlds. 

Being a FitLeader has enabled me to connect with various educators on this health journey. This tribe continues to share nutritional, self-care, monthly challenges, books to read and motivational ideas to continue moving toward our goal.  My journey has not been about the scale, but being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Meal prepping Sundays and participating in various activities with my son will assist us with healthy habits. Continue to stay active to make sure your tank is full as you serve others! 




  • Inspiring article. I am on the same journey.

  • Good stuff my brother! Thanks for returning that “nudge” I gave you to run that 10K back in 2015. This article has definitely inspired me to revisit my health goals and become more in alignment with you as to finding my daily routine. Much Respect!

    Jamie Graves
  • I find this article to be very inspiring. Thank-you for sharing your message.

    Jasmine Corbett

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